International Summer Camp in Canada

Kill the fly
Will I make friends? I don't know any other campers
Camp is one of the best places in the world to make new friends. There are lots of other first-time campers looking for new friends too.
What happens during a day at camp?
7:30 Wake up
7:30 to 8:15 Clean up time
8:15 to 8:45 Breakfast
9:00 to 11:30 Two activities
11:30 to 12:00 Free time
12:00 to 12:45 Lunch
1:00 to 4:45 Three activities
4:45 to 5:30 Free time (reading, mail ...)
5:30 to 6:15 Supper
6:30 Evening program
9:00, 10:00 Bed time
Do I have to go to all activities?
Yes. You will be at a camp with years of experience in preparing exciting activities for campers. Even if at first, certain activities don't appear to be of interest to you, we know that you will be pleasantly surprised once you take part! You will discover a new potential within yourself.
Can I go on a canoe trip?
Yes. An overnight canoe trip is a regular component of our program. It is supervised and taught by our counselors.
How's the food?
For campers from North America, the Ekocamp menu is a familiar, nutritious and delicious one. Visitors from other cultures have to make certain adaptations, although we do everything we can to accommodate dietary requirements and customs.
Will I make lots of guy AND girl friends; are activities co-ed?
We are sure that you'll meet a lot of nice boys and girls and make new friends with both. The activities are not gender-based and.....a night watch ensures separation between boys' and girls' quarters.
What are the activities?
Our activities include: swimming , water skiing , kayaking, horseback riding , rock climbing, hiking, canoeing with overnight camping, ball games. (Se also optional activities).
Are there any side-trips?
Once a week we offer a water park excursion and rafting as optional activities. There are also visits to Montreal, Quebec City Ottawa and Montreal Amusement Park.
I am a little worried about flying alone...
"Really it's the same as flying with other people only everyone treats you special. They give you a red sticker to identify that you are flying alone. When you get on the plane the stewardess normally sees you and identifies herself. Then about halfway through the trip she may check on you.
When the plane lands you stay on until everyone else is off, then the stewardess helps you get your stuff and you exit the plane. Really it's a lot of fun. I'll be going to my Grandma's in two weeks flying alone.
Well talk to you later.
Your Friend,
What is the weather like?
The average daily temperature in July and August is 75 F (24 C) during the day and 50 F (10 C) at night with peaks up to 85 F (30 C)
How are living arrangements made?
You will be living with other campers of your age from Canada, the U.S. and other countries. There are separate quarters for girls and boys.
What do I do to become a counselor?
You have to be at least 16 years old and you must attend a 3-week course organized each year at the end of June. The course is in French.
Other questions?
Don't hesitate to email us mail,
 or telephone us with any inquiry.
We'll be happy to help
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