International Summer Camp in Canada

If your are arriving to Montreal from a Canadian airport

1. While on the plane the camper will be asked to fill out the Canadian Customs Declaration Card, a form normally handed in by the flight attendant. All travelers entering Canada must complete this Card. (The camper could ask for help in filling it in).

To make your task easier we have filled out the form see example . Siblings can use the same form. Write on one side only (either English or French) using capital letters. Detach your Declaration Card and have it ready, together with your passport to hand to a Customs Officer.

2. Upon arrival the camper should follow the signs for Immigration. There he should show his passport, the Canadian Customs Declaration Card he filled out on the plane and the Letter of Permission to Travel to Canada (signed by both parents). The Immigration Officer will return all documents to him.

3. In the baggage area, the camper will find out to which carousel his baggage is coming, claim the baggage, get a cart and go to the exit door. Before exiting he will hand the Canadian Customs Declaration Card to the Customs Officer.

4. All international passengers arriving at the Montreal airport exit to the arrival hall through the same door. It can therefore be a bit confusing when a number of planes arrive at the same time with many people waiting for them.

If you have decided to use the Unaccompanied Minors Program all these steps will be made with the help of the flight attendant.

To help things out, we suggest that your child meets us under the in the meeting area in the arrival hall AFTER going with your baggage through the exit door. See drawing The Ekocamp representative will be waiting there wearing the following T-shirt

5. With the help of Ekocamp's representative, your child will phone you from Montreal airport.

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