International Summer Camp in Canada

All sessions start and finish on Sundays.

Minimum two-week stay required.

You may choose any stay of 2, 3 or 4 weeks within those dates

Why is there a minimum 2-week stay?
It is important to be able to get used to a new physical and linguistic environment. This takes a few days and it is only then that a new camper can expect to receive the full benefits of the range of activities offered.

Suggested maximum stay at Ekocamp
First time camper ever: 2 or 3 weeks
First time camper at Ekocamp: 4 weeks

Many of the Canadian campers stay at camp for a shorter period. In consequence we repeat the activities on a two-week cycle. If a camper stays more than 4 weeks he may become bored and he will lose his new friends. As a result we do not recommend a stay longer than 4 weeks unless the camper spent a long period of time at another camp and is very well aware of the way we work

For different scheduling or program possibilities please email us mail.

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