International Summer Camp in Canada

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References from participating parents and campers
are available upon request

letter Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gibeau
Hi! How are you? I'm very fine. I'm doing my homework every day. It's too much!  I enjoyed my stay at you !! Thanks you very much for your kindness. I'am drinking the green tea that you bought me
I hope I can see you again ! I'll study English hard!
Thank you very much and please take care of you!

Tamae Y.


To: mail
Subject: to all the counselors and staff

Thank you all so much for making my stay at Ekocamp so memorable. I don't think that I could have had a better time anywhere else. There I was treated like a person. My feelings were important. My thoughts matter to everyone. I made knew friends in a safe environment. I was taken care of. The only time I cried was when I left. This was the best time that I ever had in my life. I only want to do it again and again. I want to thank each and everyone of you no matter what your job is from working in the kitchen to sending faxes to teaching French, to watching a group, to leading a special activity. You all push me to doing my best and I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

Love Akeyla from California.


Subj: Thank You!
From: Mag. Birgitt J.
To: mail
Subject: Katrin and Stefanie J.; English classes

Dear Mrs. Wnuk,

I would  like to inform you that our kids are very, very happy at Ekocamp and find really everything great. This is a perfect feeling for us parents and I want to thank you for your efforts and congratulations to your super camp.

Best regards,

Birgitt J. Austria


Subj: THANK YOU !!!
From: Russia (Elena)
To: mail

Dear Mrs. Wnuk!
Thank you very much for a great time my daughter had in your camp! She made a lot of friends and really enjoyed her 4 weeks! She returned home healthy and refreshed and happy thanks to fresh air, lots of outdoor activities and fun. I think this one of her best experience to promote personal and social development of my daughter

My family is very grateful to the staff for a warm, friendly and responsible attitude and family atmosphere in the camp! Thank you very much!!! Thank you personally for your very enjoable English tuition! Elena improved her English indeed! You were SO kind to her! She liked you very much! She dreams to comeback to your camp next year...
I wish you good luck, happiness and great success in all your deals! THANK YOU!!!
Best regards,
S. Alla.


From: Swidzerland
To: mail

Dear Mrs. Wnuk
Aleksandra returned savely back home. She was very happy after the camp and we thank you for your efforts concerning the excursions. I was very glad to see, that Aleksandra made enormous progress in speaking English and she got a couple of new friends. It was a wonderful experience for her. Some of the girls have already decided to visit the camp again together next year. We would also take into consideration to let participate our son Lukas which is now eleven years old.
Many thanks also for the maple sirup and the cookies. Best regards,
Teresa and Fredy H.


Mandeville, LA USA

Dear Leaders of Ekocamp,

Claire had a wonderful time at Ekocamp. She came back with many things to talk about. She especially enjoyed getting to know other young people from around the world. She had many positive things to say about the counselors. Thank you especially for helping her at the airport.

Claire absolutely loved ALL of the activities—she had a hard time picking which one was her ‘least favorite". Your rule that all campers take part in all activities works well—also that the activities are not competitive.

We first learned of Ekocamp through the Internet, but very much appreciated being able to talk with other families about their experiences, through the references you provided. It made me much more comfortable sending Claire. We would be glad to be a reference for other families. Claire’s planning to be back next summer!




My daughter enjoyed very nice days in your camp.

I appreciate everything given her in the camp from you, other campers and from Canadian natures. She was very happy in the camp.

At first, we (I, my wife and Azusa herself) had many apprehensions on her camping, those were traveling abroad alone, being alone in different customs and languages, and etc. But they were useless. Returning from the camp, she become more challenging to foreign languages and cultures.

She has written some letters to freinds she had met in your camp. I hope this friendship would continue longer. Now she is planning to study in foreign college in future.


Haruo. H.
Azusa. H.


Subj: Re: information
From: USA
To: mail

Sasha returned in good working order and I believe that his French really did improve. He can now answer simple questions and has added to his vocabulary. I appreciate the time and effort you took with him in terms of helping him with his adjustment there. Yours,

Laura S.


To: mail

El tiempo vuela y deseo agradecerles las atenciones que han tenido con mis hijos...un peu d´espagnol pour vous remercier et à bientôt...
Gabriella C.


Subj: Re: Ekocamp
From: USA
To: mail

Thank you, Mrs. Wnuk for your prompt response. Your excellent communication during our preliminary correspondence made Ekocamp our choice for Anne.

Thanks again!


Subj: No Subject
From: USA
To: mail

Dear Jolanta; Also, I must tell you that Jennifer came back with nothing but accolades for Ekocamp and the staff. She apparently had a marvelous time, and has requested a three-week stint next year. She also has voiced interest in the ski camp. Please send us information as it proves timely. Both Lisa and I extend our gratitude for the camp services provided by all. Sincerely & Appreciatively,

Douglas L. J.


Subj: summer camp
From: Ekocamp

Hi, how are you?

Here we are happy all the time and the camp is very cool for us.
The English lesson are very good. Have nice week and improve your English.
We do it ourselves so let is go. We wish you a good holyday.

Romain and Alexandre


Extract from the Evaluation form:


I was impressed by how well you handled Sasha’s homesickness. In the end it was a positive experience for him and he really did improve his French.
He is much more comfortable and has acquired a rudimentary vocabulary whereas before he had very little.



This is Saki, the winner of the Best Smile Camper last year. Thank you very much for so many new wonderful experiences at Ekocamp. It is difficult to play canoeing (kayak), horse riding, archery, rock climbing, etc. in my town in Tokyo Japan. But everything including beautiful nature and comfortable living facilities was perfectly prepared for us at Ekocamp. It was hard for me to speak French or English, but I was very happy that I could communicate with many friends from other countries. Ekocamp will be my favourite second home in summer season behind the Earth. Thanks a lot again for your kindness and look forward to seeing you next summer again.


Saki M. from Tokyo Japan


Dear Jolanta

Thank you for inquiring about Alessandra's arrival home.

She arrived well and, for our good fortune, Alessandra had lot of good experiences to tell about being at Ekocamp.

She arrived well and, for our good fortune, Alessandra had lot of good experiences to tell about being at Ekocamp.

We understand now that the first days at camp where somehow a shocking experience for her since she had never being away from us but, overall, we praise Ekocamp and its staff for making Alessandra's stay there a memorable one for her and for us as well.


Thank you again.

Eleana E. from Canada


Whitby, Ontario

Hi Eko staff!

I know that this is a few months late, but I just want to thank you all for the great time I had last summer! I made so many great friends who I can't wait to see again. I'm so telling all my friends about this great experience. When I got back to school in September, my teacher couldn't believe how well I was speaking in French class. I am really grateful to you for making my summer the best it could be. I'm looking forward to coming back this summer.

Thanks a lot.

Beaucoup d'amour,


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