International Summer Camp in Canada

  • While at camp, kids can contact their parents through our EMAIL service: parents can receive emails from their kids every day if desired. We scan the written letters and email them as an attached file to their parents.
  • Parents can email us anytime and we will deliver the letter to their child as soon as possible.
  • Parents can view PHOTOS or VIDEOS of their children. Updated every 2-3 days during summer camp weeks. We try to take as many and we post them regularly, on our web site and on our Facebook page.

We ask campers not to speak to their parents by phone during their camp stay, for the following reason:
friendsFor a child, getting used to a new environment away from parents can be difficult. S/He experiences many different emotions and may be overwhelmed at first. After settling in, however, camp becomes a comfortable place where the child feels safe. Sometimes that pattern is disturbed if campers talk to their parents during the initial period of adjustment. We also advise parents not to describe all the marvelous things that they are doing at home in their e-mails or faxes. Your child may be envious and regret not being with you.

However, we understand your concern regarding the safe arrival of your child. Therefore your child will phone you from the Montreal airport once s/he has established contact with the Ekocamp representative. Only emergency telephone calls will be allowed from the camp. Cellular phones are not authorized.

Nevertheless, mail is very important to a child away from home. Please do your best to write often, even if your child is at camp only for a short stay. If you do not plan to communicate by e-mail or fax, please keep in mind that it can take up to ten days for delivery from certain areas within the U.S. and up to fourteen days from overseas.

The e-mail address for campers is: mail (add the camper's name in the subject line).
Please do not send attached files or images with e-mails. Our fax number is 1-514-313-5453. Mail is delivered four times a week. Please do not expect your child to write back to you just after receiving your mail. We keep the camper very busy and your child could be outside of camp (canoe camping, on a visit to Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec etc….) when mail arrives. Your child’s answers (maximum one page per day) will be scanned and sent to you as attached files in an email to the address that was communicated at registration time.

If you change email address don’t forget to send us an email asking us to modify your email address in our database. Otherwise all mail will be sent to your previous email address. If you want to send a package we suggest that you use a courier service such as FedEx or Purolator. There is no express mail between Canada and USA. Please allow time for customs procedures.

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