Please deliver to XXXX - this is meant to be humorous

We LOVED your letter! Thank you so much. We realize that you are busy and that your handwriting can be illegible at times. OOPS! Sorry about that…But to make life easier for you, our little Rainbo, I have put together the following. Please answer " y" for yes or "n" for no to the following - elaborate if you wish and are willing to write more than a single letter in response ("N/A " as appropriate):

1. Is the weather bearable?

2. Your plane did not land in Canada but left earth's orbit

3. Are the activities acceptable to you?

4. Are there new activities on this trip that you are enjoying?

5. Are you taking lots of pictures?

Well, I am sure I exceeded the letter reading –writing time allotted. But I am your mom and I love you so I am allowed. At least I made responding simple and hopefully provided some humor. Love always, Mommy
Ps, this email was read and approved of by your father. It proved ineffective with your brother for whom writing "Y" and "N" proved to much.
PPS. How much are you buying up there that you expect to exceed the luggage limitation? you had a 3 lbs margin of error. Use your new backpack if you must - but really, how many pairs of shoes can a girl have??? And the Camp said it would provide a towel for you - and it would cost me over $40 to ship a towel ASAP. So either buy one or learn to shake it off like the pups, sweetie. OK? work with me on this? please?