International Summer Camp in Canada

Not all companies offer the same "Unaccompanied Minors program" (UM):

American Airlines
Air France
Air Transat
British Airways
Continental Airlines
US Airways

Please note that Air Canada does not offer the "Unaccompanied Minors program" on a connecting flight.

Most companies ask that every segment of the flight be with the same airline to offer the service.

This service is mandatory for campers en route to Ekocamp if there is a stopover with transfer to a connecting flight.

When the airline company ask for the name of the person that will pick up the camper upon arrival to Montreal, please give "Ekocamp representative".

From the moment they arrive at the airport check-in, until they reach their final destination, the children are escorted and supervised by the airline staff. If the travel itinerary includes a transfer, ground staff will take care of the child and see him/her safely onboard the connecting flight. This service also ensures that, in case of a flight delay or cancellation, the young person will receive extra care.

Before the flight

Register early

The UM service must be requested at the same time the child's flight is booked. You should also request an advanced seat reservation for your child.


The program cost varies from CAD$ 50 to $100 per trip depending on the airline and whether there is a connecting flight or not. If you paid for the service on the return flight, a proof of purchase must be sent to Ekocamp with the camper to ensure that we are not asked to pay again on the return journey. If you want us to pay for the return service, please send us authorization to charge to your credit card on file.

At the airport

Necessary information

During the check-in formalities you will be asked to complete a form which is attached to an envelope. The form contains:

  • Child's identification
  • Flight itinerary
  • Names of people who will meet your child at and destination ("Ekocamp representative")
  • Parent's or guardian signature of authorization.

The envelope serves as a document holder for your child's passport, airline ticket, emergency contact number and customs documentation.

Step-by-step procedures

  • Even though an airline agent has already taken charge of your child, you'll be asked to remain at the airport until the flight has departed.
  • The agent will accompany your child through the security check and proceed to the gate area.
  • Once boarding is announced, your child will be escorted onto the aircraft ahead of other passengers. He/she will be greeted by the In-charge Flight Attendant who will guide him/her to an assigned seat.
  • Throughout the flight, your child will be supervised by crewmembers.
  • Upon arrival at your child's destination, the In-charge Flight Attendant will assist with disembarkation, and then hand over responsibility to an airport agent.
  • The agent will assist your child with the passage through Customs and Immigration and then with baggage pick-up.
  • Then the agent will escort your child to the arrivals section to meet the person designated on the UM envelope.
  • The person meeting your child will be asked for photo identification and must sign the UM envelope, accepting responsibility for the child.

Tips for a safe and happy trip:

  • Before your child goes on a trip, you can help to prepare for it by explaining the details in advance – it's less stressful for everyone.
  • Your child should be well rested.
  • Ensure your child has a carry-on bag containing a snack and some favorite items – just like you, kids need something to read or eat in case of a delay.
  • Make sure that Ekocamp is aware of all flight details.

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