International Summer Camp in Canada

Ekocamp International was born with the vision of bringing  youth together from around the world, to work and play together in harmony and security. The founders felt that, as we move towards an increasingly international, interconnected and global community, Ekocamp could help to prepare youth to play a positive role in this brave new world which they will soon inherit.


To achieve this, Ekocamp concentrates on skills training, with special emphasis on language, cultural understanding and tolerance. At the same time, it fosters a love for and familiarity with the world of nature.

The ‘global village’ is already an integral part of our daily living. Whether it is the fruit we eat, the coffee we drink, the gas which powers our cars, or the splashy T-shirt on our back, our quality of life is increasingly interconnected with the health of a multitude of communities around the world.

For the next generation this will be even more true, as country after country joins the global economy.

Language is the doorway to understanding the infinite variety of human cultures; understanding culture is the key to tolerance; working and playing together are the means through which culture and tolerance are given a human face and then extended through friendship.

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