International Summer Camp in Canada

Many parents of campers take advantage of Ekocamp’s location themselves.

The Laurentians has become the preferred playground of Montrealers and their neighbors from all parts of eastern North America. Travelers can explore a multitude of winding forest roads, discover quaint villages tucked away in the hills and then enjoy gourmet meals equivalent to the best to be found in Montreal.

Hiking and biking trails abound throughout the region. This is the privileged way of seeing, at close range, the impressive array of flora and fauna.

Adjacent to Ekocamp is one of the natural wonders of the Laurentians, the Parc du Mont-Tremblant. This vast park is 1,500 square kilometers (580 square miles) in area. Within its boundaries are 400 lakes, seven rivers and too many streams to count. Activities are plentiful and diverse; canoeing, camping, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hiking, cross-country skiing; all against a backdrop of quiet alpine beauty.

Here are some additional and exciting options to tempt you, the parents, while your children enjoy Ekocamp.

Mont Tremblant

Take in the picturesque beauty of Mont Tremblant village, the spirit of Tremblant Resort at the base of the mountain and the nearby boutiques and restaurants of Mont-Tremlbant.

and in Montreal:

Walking tours

Walking tours offering the chance to see the great architectural richness of Montreal. Heritage Montreal, Tel.: (514) 286-2662 Fax: (514) 286-1661


 The Montreal Biodome presents 4 ecosystems in which you can experience the sights and sounds of nature: the Tropical and Laurentian forests, the St. Lawrence marine ecosystem and the Polar World - Arctic and Antarctic - all under one roof.

Botanical Gardens

With its collection of 21,000 plant species and cultivars, 10 exhibition greenhouses, some thirty thematic gardens, and teams of researchers and other staff (many of whom organize activities for the public) the Montreal Botanical Gardens ranks as one of the world's largest and most spectacular exhibitions of this kind.

Montreal International Jazz Festival   Beginning of July

Hailed by the Chicago Tribune as the world’s finest jazz festival. Over 400 live shows, including 300 free concerts, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Jet-boating on Lachine Rapids

Jet-boating on Montreal's historic Lachine Rapids. This spectacular 90-minute, wild and wet adventure on the St. Lawrence is awesome, unforgettable and should not be missed by anyone! Speed boating.... for thrill-seekers!

Saint Joseph's Oratory on Mount Royal

Saint Joseph's Oratory is recognized as one of the great temples of the world. Like many sacred places in various countries, the Oratory attracts visitors who seek a haven of peace, a spiritual encounter, or the opportunity of visiting an important tourist attraction.

The Old Port of Montreal

Stretching along a 2.5-kilometer waterfront, the Old Port of Montreal is a unique, internationally renowned recreational and tourist site. Refurbished as an initiative of the Canadian government, this area has retained its distinctive maritime flavor. Along with Old Montreal, it constitutes the largest historic district in North America.

Fireworks shows

Each year, from mid-June to the end of July, The Fireworks shows presents an average of eight pyro-musical fireworks shows, including a closing exhibition show. The many international competitors make this event the largest of its kind in the world.


Each of the world's great cities has a memorable attraction, a gathering place that draws people back time and again. In Montreal, it's the Casino where the pace is fast, the fun non-stop and the buzz is all about having a great time. So come and experience the European cachet of Montreal

Old Montreal

The historic, once-walled district of one of North America's great cities. An exceptional historic city center, still bustling with life!

Olympic Park

The Olympic Park was designed and built for the 1976 summer games. Take the cable car up its inclined tower, the highest of its kind in the world, for an incomparable view.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, founded in 1860, is Canada's oldest art museum. The permanent collection of works, dating from antiquity to the present, offers a world-class sampling including many fine examples of Canadian art. The new pavilion with its  striking architecture, houses special visiting exhibits.

Montreal Paris-style river-boat

Just like their Parisian cousins that grace the Seine, these ultra-modern glass-roofed craft are able to navigate waters that are inaccessible to other harbor cruise vessels. This short excursion offers superb river views of Old Montreal, the locks of the restored Lachine Canal, the islands of Ile Notre-Dame and Ile Ste-Hélène and take you to the gentler sections of Lachine Rapids.

More information from the Quebec Government Tourist Office

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