International Summer Camp in Canada

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The following table will help you calculate the total cost of a stay at Ekocamp.
img_number_1  Official prices are set in Canadian dollars. You may convert in your currency at the bottom of this page,
enter the number of weeks or visits you wish in column img_number_2,
then click elsewhere. You will see the total in column img_number_2.
Leave blank (or delete) if you don't want the activity.
img_number_1  Currency: 
Description img_number_2
Enter number of weeks/visits
per week/visit
(1 week = 8 days, 7 nights)
What is included  
Number of weeks of Language Courses (15 hours per week) ×
Number of weeks of Emergency Medical Insurance   ×
Number of Airport Transportation   ×
Number of Rafting Excursions ×
Number of visits to Montreal ×
Number of visits to Ottawa ×
Number of visits to Montreal Amusement Park X
Number of visits to Quebec City ×
Total - Including all taxes and charges
Other costs     
A CAD$ 250 deposit (deductible but not reimbursable) will reserve your preferred session.

Invoices are payable in Canadian dollars.

Prices in other currencies are provided for information purposes only.
We offer a no risk guarantee.  

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