International Summer Camp in Canada

If you are a teacher or a parent who is active in your child's school:
Have you ever thought of including a one-week trip in your school's standard curriculum?

This program is an educational and recreational experience directed towards the acquisition of new language skills as well to the development of a positive attitude towards the environment and another culture. Teachers from your school may accompany the students during the program. On site, Ekocamp counselors will supervise all sporting activities.

Spring and fall optional activities

  • Language training (French or English)
  • Cultural exchanges with local kids
  • Horseback riding
  • Rafting
  • Visit to Mont-Tremblant
  • One-day visit to Montreal or Ottawa
  • Two-day visit to Quebec City

If this program is of interest to you and would like a quote
please send us an email with the following information:

  • Approximate dates
  • Duration of trip
  • Number of participants (minimum 30)
  • Age of participants
  • Selected Optional activities (see left)
  • Do you need travel to and from Montreal airport?

We offer:

  • A flexible program adapted to the needs of the teachers
  • Varied lengths of stay; individual schedules
  • A good opportunity to bring teachers and students together
  • A Canadian wilderness experience in the Laurentian Mountains

Spring session: May 15 to beginning of summer camp
Minimum size of group: 30 participants

Fall session: End of summer camp to October 15
Minimum size of group: 30 participants

Reservation for the above should normally be made approximately one year in advance


Summer session: Dates
Maximum size of group: 20 participants

Basic stay includes:

  • Lodging (including bedding)
  • Three daily meals (including lunch box if needed)
  • All equipment for optional activities
  • Land-based transportation in Canada
  • All Canadian taxes
  • Free lodging and food for accompanying teacher (one per 15 participants)
  • Counselors for activities
  • Spring and fall sessions: archery, hiking, rock climbing, canoe excursion, wilderness survival. See sport activities.
  • Winter session: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, wilderness survival, igloo-construction, tobogganing, ice hockey

Size during summer camp

The maximum size of groups in summer is 20 participants. The total capacity of camp is 150 and we found that with groups larger than 20, people in the group tend to stay together missing the opportunity to exchange with people of other culture. However, you can send several groups of 20 campers at different periods


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