International Summer Camp in Canada

Visit Ottawa and a safari park
Mont-Tremblant-Ottawa 100 miles 160 kilometers

Departure after breakfast.
  • Stop over at Omega park, (safari style) where you will discover many species of wild animals (moose, black bear, wapiti, raccoon, wild boar, bison, artic wolf, coyote,…) in their natural habitat on the 10 km trail in minibus.
    Birds of prey show. Picnic lunch
  • In Ottawa visit of the Canadian Museum of Civilization;  not a traditional boring museum!! The more spectacular rooms recreate sights and sounds from the country's past, beginning with the arrival of Norse explorers. Reconstructed buildings and other historical settings are among the exhibits.
  • Shopping at the Rideau shopping center, one of the largest in Ottawa.
  • Walking tour of the grounds around the Parliament Buildings, the majestic seat of Canada's Federal Government
  • Buffet dinner on the way back (all you can eat) and return to camp.

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To maintain a high level of security and comfort we use air-conditioned minibuses for all the optional trips. Two experienced counselors take care of a maximum of 15 participants. 10% of campers participate in any field trip. All other campers stay at camp and participate in regular camp activities.

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