International Summer Camp in Canada

Please note: The Water Park excursion is different from the Amusement Park visit

A triple chairlift takes you to the top of waterslides that pass through woodland or meadows of wild flowers. You take your pick - a high-speed plunge or a gentle ride on a tube. Or enjoy the feel of ocean breakers in the giant wave pool.

The Water Park is situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the camp. This optional visit (CAD$ ) takes place every Tuesday (no language classes are schedule on Tuesdays). About one third of the campers stay at the camp and carry on normal activities.

No reservation is necessary. Payment is made from the camper's pocket money.


The Niagara >>>  The Niagara will take you on a rafting adventure off the beaten track, propelling you through tunnels and down waterfalls! (Required height: minimum 1.20 m)

The Colorado River >>>  The Colorado : 700,000 litres of roaring water and endless rapids. What a rush! (Required height: minimum 1.40 m)

The Red River >>> (Required height: minimum 1.20 m)

The North River >>>  (Required height: minimum 1.20 m)

The Lazy River >>> Lazy River is the place for you to relax and drift away. (Required height: minimum 1 m)

The Pool-spa >>>  This new activity will offer a new technology and natural features. Made of rocks and stones, this luxurious pool-spa has 3 temperature levels, two whirlpools and waterfalls in an enchantress environment. (For everyone)

The Big Backwash River >>> In our rivers when you reach the top, the action begins! Nestled in your tube, you’ll plunge from one warm-water basin to another. Twenty minutes of devilish fun! (Required height: minimum 1.40 m )

The « Big Waterfalls River >>>  Big sister of «Big Backwash River», you’ll be plunging from one basin (heated water)  to the other for a good 20 minutes ! The challenge is to go down this river without overturn. What an exciting ride ! (Required height: minimum 1.40 m )

The Twisters >>>  Six super spirals will spin you around and around into the heart of our beautiful, lush glades… (Required height: minimum 1.20 m)

The Tandem River >>>  Two at the time for twice the fun! Pair up with a friend for this great ride through our pretty forest ! (Required height: minimum 1.20 m)

The Barrel >>>  The interactive water game is equipped with a net to climb up, pipes with jets and a bucket set at 6 feet high that spills once it is filled, children will have hours of fun playing this new game. (For everyone)

Super Wave Pool >>>  A pool as long as the Titanic, with waves as high as the ones on the Atlantic ! Close your eyes, and imagine yourself on an Ocean shore! (For everyone)

The Manicouagan >>> The only one of its kind in Canada! The Manic river where bathers are carried along by a rolling wave - to finally wash up on a gigantic beach. (Required height: minimum 1.20 m

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