International Summer Camp in Canada


If you are Canadian or live in the Northern part of the United States, this page may not apply to you.

In Canada, sale of winter clothing take place done mostly in October, November and December.

It can, therefore be very difficult to buy winter clothing when you come to Canada and the process of trying to find the right gear can reduce the time available for activities. Furthermore, you save a Canadian 15% sales tax by buying over the Internet.

We recommend that you buy online at We further recommend having the clothing delivered to Ekocamp. Order early. We don’t know how long all sizes will be available on the website and the only complaint people have with this company is delivery delays. The company has a webpage on witch you can track orders.

When selecting an item (see above):
1. Make sure that you are in the boys' or girls' section
2. Choose «Kids» not «Little Kids»

List of required clothing (Measurement table page)

Katahdin Parka$69.00 Waterproof, breathable, insulated a little larger than normal (sweater, bibs)
Katahdin Bibs$49.50 Waterproof, breathable, insulated
Cold Buster Waterproof Mittens$19.50 Waterproof, insulated
Long John Set$19.50 Moisture wicking long underwear (perfect for First layer)f
Fleece Flame Hat, Kids'$16.50  
Snow Tread Boots, Kids'$34.50 A little larger that normal ( heavy socks)
SmartWool Two-Pack Socks$22.50 Warm, Moisture Wicking Socks
Total cost$243Prices as of November 2008

To bring:
Sun glasses
Extra travel bag to bring back clothing

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