Summer Language Camp

Ekocamp's Summer Language Camp:

Our language camp offers:

  • 15 hours of training per week;
  • a maximum of 10 students per group allowing for full participation by all students;
  • qualified and experienced teachers;
  • books and all educational material provided during the course at no extra charge;
  • diplomas certifying efforts and achievements for each participant.

A short oral test will be held on arrival to qualify participants for the different levels: beginner or intermediate. Accordingly, courses will be held either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Our Camp has two pavilions with two dining rooms, kitchen, and classrooms as well as meeting rooms and bedrooms with accommodation for four (some rooms six). Each room has its own sink. There are shared washrooms and showers on each floor. A night watch ensures separation between boys' and girls' quarters. Meals are served family-style. Groups are assigned table-setting duties and each camper is responsible for assisting with the mealtime procedure in our kid summer camp for young people.

Summer language camp for kids in Canada



  • In summer, sessions start and finish every Sunday from the end of June to the end of August. A minimum two-week stay is required.
  • Different scheduling or program possibilities are available for groups upon request

Distinctive features of our language camp

  • A relatively small camp (capacity of 150 campers) that allows for a family atmosphere
  • Escorted transfer service to and from Montreal (Trudeau) airport
  • Accommodation: four campers per room
  • Mix with campers from around the world
  • Situated on a lake amidst woodland and mountains.

Where your child will learn to get along with others, to take safe risks, to deal with conflict in a constructive way that encourages him/her to be creative, to explore and discover, to learn by actively doing, to try -- to fail and try again?

In the camp community, you will find what you intuitively know as a parent to be a positive, productive adult one needs the opportunity to truly experience childhood... . that is how one grows.

It's about making memories and honoring the traditions of those' who have come before. Children are alight with the idea that their acorn hang's from a rafter where their parents and aunts and uncles placed theirs so many years before.

Health and Safety


All staff members are trained in First Aid, and safety procedures are reviewed throughout the summer. Campers are always reminded of safety rules in order that they may enjoy the camp in a safe manner.
The camp has an infirmary and a doctor is permanently on call at the nearby town of Mont-Tremblant (2 miles - 3 kilometers). A fully-equipped regional hospital is only 20 minutes away.
Ekocamp is regularly inspected and maintains the high standards required by the Quebec Ministry of Health and the Quebec Camping Association.
Our experienced counselors (18 years old or older) will look after the safety and well being of your children throughout their stay.

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