English Summer Camp in Canada

English Camps for Children in Canada

Our English language camp brings together youth from around the world in a unique and well protected environment. Children who go to camp gain positive identity, social skills, and positive values as well as increased physical skills. We helps prepare young people to play an active role in our global village.

English camps for teens and kids in Canada
  • Learn new skills
  • Meet new people from around the world and make wonderful friendships
  • Learn to be a team player
  • Gain self-confidence and become independent
  • Learn English
  • Have fun in a relaxed and secure environment

Our English language Camp also offers a Canadian wilderness experience. The renowned beauty of Canada's vast, open wilderness offers young people a rare experience - one that will last a lifetime!

Distinctive features or our English camp:

  • Mix with young people from around the world
  • Escorted transfer service to and from Montreal airport
  • Accommodation: four children per room (some rooms six)
  • A relatively small camp (capacity of 150 participants) that allows for a family atmosphere
  • Situated on a lake amidst woodland and mountains.


  • Our language sessions start and finish every Sunday from the end of June to the end of August. A minimum two-week stay is required.
  • Different scheduling or program possibilities are available for groups upon request

Language training

  • 15 hours of English training per week at camp;
  • a maximum of 10 students per group allowing for full participation by all students;
  • qualified and experienced teachers;
  • books and all educational material provided during the course at no extra charge;
  • diplomas certifying efforts and achievements for each participant.

Parents can have fun too!

Many parents take advantage themselves of our location. The Laurentian Mountains are scattered throughout with pretty alpine villages. The Laurentians has become the preferred playground of Montrealers and their neighbors from all parts of eastern North America.

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