Language Camp in Canada

International language camp for kids

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In Ekocamp language courses consist of 15 hours of instruction per week. Classes are limited to 10 students to allow for full participation. Our qualified and experienced teachers make sure that the courses are challenging and amusing at the same time.

We offer English classes and a French immersion program.

Books and all educational material are provided free during the course in our Language camp. At the end of the session each participant will receive a diploma certifying achievements and efforts.

A short oral test will be held on arrival to qualify campers for the different levels: beginner or intermediate.

Language camps in Canada to learn English or French

The course promotes the development of speaking, listening and reading skills but stress will be put on speaking.

Warm-up activities, core activities and follow-up activities give the students many opportunities to practice spoken language, vocabulary, grammar and writing.

In order to achieve fluency, various activities are undertaken with spelling, dictation, pronunciation and short writing tasks.

The course consists of three teaching periods of fifty minutes each. The first two periods are serious and structured. The students learn grammar, new vocabulary and practice communication skills. The third period is more relaxed: the students watch fragments of films and play games.

On top of the language program we offer:

  • Visit to Montreal
  • Visit to Ottawa
  • Visit to Quebec city
  • Visit to the Montreal Amusement Park
  • Rafting

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