Travelling to Ekocamp

Ekocamp International

Travelling to Canada - in 6 steps...

  • 1. Registration : on our web site (including the 250$ deposit).
  • 2. Visa : if required, you will receive an invitation letter by email which will help you obtain a visa. Not all countries need a visa to enter Canada.
  • 3. Flight : if far from camp, you will want to purchase a flight for your child, to the Montreal International Airport (code: YUL).
  • 4. Unaccompanied-minor program (UM) : to ensure a safer flight (especially if your child is young) you can ask your airline to escort him or her the whole way.
  • 5. Arrival : once in Montreal, our Ekocamp representative will be there to greet you (if with the UM program, the airline agent will identify us). We contact parents immediately.
  • 6. Drive to camp : camp is located 1h30 from the Montreal airport. The Ekocamp representative will safely drive all arriving kids there in our minibus.

Visa for Canada

Once the camper is registered and the deposit paid we will send you by email (PDF format) an invitation letter to be presented to the Canadian embassy. If the visa is refused and the application for the visa was made well in advance we will return the total amount paid including the deposit.

You will find information on the procedure for obtaining a tourist visa (called a Canadian Temporary Resident Visitor Visa (TRV) on the website of the Canadian embassy of your country. You will find the embassy website address by selecting your country on the following page.

According to our experience, some times the procedure to obtain a visa is much longer if it is done through a travel agency.
Even in the same embassy and for the same summer the time necessary to obtain a visa and the documents requested will vary according to the civil servant attending you. MAKE YOU APPLICATION EARLY. See visa delays here.

Countries Whose Citizens Require Visas in Order to Enter Canada

Click here:

When children learn to fly... on their own!

Not all companies offer the same "Unaccompanied Minors program" (UM):

Please note that Air Canada does not offer the "Unaccompanied Minors program" on a connecting flight.

Most companies ask that every segment of the flight be with the same airline to offer the service.

This service is mandatory for campers en route to Ekocamp if there is a stopover with transfer to a connecting flight.

When the airline company ask for the name of the person that will pick up the camper upon arrival to Montreal, please give "Ekocamp representative".

From the moment they arrive at the airport check-in, until they reach their final destination, the children are escorted and supervised by the airline staff. If the travel itinerary includes a transfer, ground staff will take care of the child and see him/her safely onboard the connecting flight. This service also ensures that, in case of a flight delay or cancellation, the young person will receive extra care.

Before the flight

Register early

The UM service must be requested at the same time the child's flight is booked. You should also request an advanced seat reservation for your child.


The program cost varies from CAD$ 50 to $100 per trip depending on the airline and whether there is a connecting flight or not. If you paid for the service on the return flight, a proof of purchase must be sent to Ekocamp with the camper to ensure that we are not asked to pay again on the return journey. If you want us to pay for the return service, please send us authorization to charge to your credit card on file.

At the airport

Necessary information
During the check-in formalities you will be asked to complete a form which is attached to an envelope. The form contains:

  • Child's identification;
  • Flight itinerary;
  • Names of people who will meet your child at and destination ("Ekocamp representative");
  • Parent's or guardian signature of authorization.

The envelope serves as a document holder for your child's passport, airline ticket, emergency contact number and customs documentation.

Step-by-step procedures

  • Even though an airline agent has already taken charge of your child, you'll be asked to remain at the airport until the flight has departed.
  • The agent will accompany your child through the security check and proceed to the gate area.
  • Once boarding is announced, your child will be escorted onto the aircraft ahead of other passengers. He/she will be greeted by the In-charge Flight Attendant who will guide him/her to an assigned seat.
  • Throughout the flight, your child will be supervised by crewmembers.
  • Upon arrival at your child's destination, the In-charge Flight Attendant will assist with disembarkation, and then hand over responsibility to an airport agent.
  • The agent will assist your child with the passage through Customs and Immigration and then with baggage pick-up.
  • Then the agent will escort your child to the arrivals section to meet the person designated on the UM envelope.
  • The person meeting your child will be asked for photo identification and must sign the UM envelope, accepting responsibility for the child.

Tips for a safe and happy trip:

  • Before your child goes on a trip, you can help to prepare for it by explaining the details in advance – it's less stressful for everyone.
  • Your child should be well rested.
  • Ensure your child has a carry-on bag containing a snack and some favorite items – just like you, kids need something to read or eat in case of a delay.
  • Make sure that Ekocamp is aware of all flight details.

Airport procedures for an international flight

1. While on the plane the camper will be asked to fill out the Canadian Customs Declaration Card, a form normally handed in by the flight attendant. All travelers entering Canada must complete this Card. (The camper could ask for help in filling it in).

To make your task easier we have filled out the form (see example). Siblings can use the same form. Write on one side only (either English or French) using capital letters. Detach your Declaration Card and have it ready, together with your passport to hand to a Customs Officer.

2. Upon arrival the camper should follow the signs for Immigration. There he should show his passport, the Canadian Customs Declaration Card he filled out on the plane and the Letter of Permission to Travel to Canada (signed by both parents). The Immigration Officer will return all documents to him.

3. In the baggage area, the camper will find out to which carousel his baggage is coming, claim the baggage, get a cart and go to the exit door. Before exiting he will hand the Canadian Customs Declaration Card to the Customs Officer.

4. All international passengers arriving at the Montreal airport exit to the arrival hall through the same door. It can therefore be a bit confusing when a number of planes arrive at the same time with many people waiting for them.

If you have decided to use the Unaccompanied Minors Program, all these steps will be made with the help of the flight attendant.

To help things out, we suggest that your child meets us under the ? in the meeting area in the arrival hall AFTER going with your baggage through the exit door. See drawing. The Ekocamp representative will be waiting there wearing the following T-shirt:

5. With the help of Ekocamp's representative, your child will phone you from Montreal airport.

Airport procedures for a Canadian flight

1. If the last leg of your trip is from a Canadian airport you have already gone through Immigration and customs in the previous airport.

2. The camper will find out to which carousel his baggage is coming, claim the baggage, get a cart and go to the exit barrier.

3. All national passengers arriving at the Montreal airport exit through the same barrier.

4. To help things out, we suggest that your child meets us at the Tim Hortons coffee shop located in the arrival hall, immediately to right after going through the exit barrier (see drawing). The Ekocamp representative will be waiting there wearing the following T-shirt:


Address of camp premises :
3595 Leonard, Mont-Tremblant,
Quebec, J8E 2A5
Tel. 1-888-890-2887 or 514-448-4608

Please use office address for mail:
10461 avenue Hamel, Montreal, QC, H2C 2X4, Canada

Google Map

From Montreal

130 km 1 ½ hours

Take the Laurentian Expressway (Highway 15), north, until the very end where it continues as Highway 117. Continue north on the 117 until you reach Mont-Tremblant.

Do not enter Mont-Tremblant; stay on the 117 for 1.6 more miles (2.5 kilometers). You will pass two traffic lights. Take exit 116 ( rue Leonard) to route 327 and follow the exit road to the stop sign on Leonard street.
Turn left on Leonard Street (also known as route 327 South). Go under the overpass. Ekocamp is situated about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from that stop sign, on the left-hand side of the road (white building).

From ...

From Toronto - 670 km. 7 ¼ hours.
Take Expressway 401 to Montreal. In the province of Quebec Expressway 401 becomes Expressway 40. Follow the 40 to the Laurentian Expressway (Highway15). Take the North direction and then follow instructions as listed above (from Montreal).

From Ottawa - 160 Km. (100 miles) 2 ½ hours
On arrival at Mont-Tremblant take the 117 south till Leonard street (also known as route 327 South). Turn right on Leonard Street . Ekocamp is situated less than 2 miles (3 kilometers), on the left-hand side of the road.

From Boston - 380 miles, 6 ½ hours.
Take Highway 93 North to Highway 89. Get on the I-89 leading to the border of Canada. Follow Route 133 North to the highway 10. Take Highway 10 westbound to Montreal. In Montreal, follow the signs to the highway fom the Laurentians (Highway 15). Take the North direction and then follow instructions as listed above (from Montreal).

Arrival and Departure times

Camp starts each Sunday and campers are normally expected to arrive between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. If you are driving your child to the camp, we ask you not to arrive before this time as many of the previous session's campers will be in activities.

If you plan to pick up your child after camp we ask you to come between 11:00 a.m. and noon, on Sunday.

If your child takes a flight to Montreal and we meet at the airport, you can book any flight arriving and departing on Sunday.

Camp Visits

All visits are with prior appointment. Prior to camp, parents are most welcome to visit at any time. During camp visits are only allowed on week-ends.

If you need further information please email us.