English Summer Camp in Canada

Ekocamp International

English Summer Camp
in Mont-Tremblant (Canada)


English Program
11 to 16 years old

  • All camp activities are held in English
  • Clientele = 70% international kids and 30% French Canadian kids
  • Groups are coed for daily activities
  • Counselors speak English as their first language

Our English camp is situated in Mont-Tremblant, 120 kilometers (75 miles) north of Montreal.

The summer camp is located next to a large forest and at the edge of a beautiful lake. Some activities, such as rock climbing and kayaking or river canoeing, take place off site just a few miles away.

At Ekocamp, you will:

  • Learn new skills (in English)
  • Meet local and international kids
  • Learn English
  • Gain travel experience and become independent
  • Enjoy from our many sports and outdoor activities
  • Visit Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City or enjoy a rafting excursion.

Camp Facilities

The camp has two buildings. Kids from the French camp and English camp are divided in different sections. In addition, we have two dining rooms, a kitchen, classrooms and meeting rooms.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are also located in these two buildings; each room (which includes bedding) has accommodation for four (some rooms hold six). Each room has its own sink. There are shared washrooms and showers on each floor.

Our camp is located 3 km from the town of Mont-Tremblant, where there are two medical centers. In case of emergency, the Sainte-Agathe City Hospital Center, a well-equipped regional hospital is located just 20 minutes from us. All of our staff receive first aid training and we frequently remind participants of the safety rules so that young people can enjoy the camp in a safe environment.

Learn English while having fun

English classes:
  • 15 hours of English lessons per week;
  • Age of students: 10 to 16 years old
  • Mixed classes
  • Maximum of 13 students per class;
  • Activities outside of class in English, according to selected program;
  • At the edge of a lake surrounded by mountains and forests;
  • Keeping high standards since 1994
  • Accommodation: in rooms (max 4-6), boys and girls separated;
camp en anglais


English camp classes

Course Description

• 15 hours of English training per week;
• Maximum of 10 students per class allowing for full participation by all students;
• Well-supervised and qualified English teachers;
• Teaching at the level of each student;
• Fun courses;
• Oral practice privileged;
• Books and all educational material provided during the course at no extra charge;
• Diploma for each participant.

A short oral test will be held on arrival to qualify campers for the different levels : beginner or intermediate. Accordingly, courses will be held either in the morning or in the afternoon.


The course is designed to be challenging and amusing at the same time. The course will encourage work in cooperation with other students. It will also show that campers are responsible for their own progress. The contact with young people from other cultures will bring home the importance of languages in the 21st century on a daily basis.

Communicative Approach

In order to achieve fluency, various activities are undertaken in spelling, dictation and pronunciation as well as short writing tasks.

Each class consists of three teaching periods of fifty minutes each. The first two periods are structured. The students learn grammar, new vocabulary and practice communication skills. The third period is more relaxed: the students watch excerpts from films and play games.

Our English camp promotes the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Warm-up activities, core activities and follow-up activities give students regular opportunities for practicing speech, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Illustrations provide important visual support.

Since English is spoken at camp, students can practice their new skills on a daily basis.

One of the best English camp for kids in Canada!



Ekocamp International

Camp established in Canada since 1994 and which receives each summer children from 15 different countries, whom are well integrated with the Canadian kids.
Safe environment.
One of the best English summer camp in Canada!

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English Classes

All activities are conducted in English.
Optional English classes are offered to children to learn in a fun way while having effective learning.
15 hours of group instruction per week.

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Photos & Videos for parents

Every 3 days, photos and videos will be available online on our website.
We proudly hold a "electronic-free" policy at camp.
Email service between parents and kids always available.

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VIP Service

Cultural trips to Montreal,Quebec city and Ottawa.
Transport service from/to Montreal airport.
More than 20 different outdoor and sport activities.

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